01776 Sculpture Unveiled at Meadow Walk

National Development is pleased to announce the unveiling of the “01776” sculpture by award-winning Massachusetts metal sculptor, Dale Rogers.  Comprised of stainless and corten steel, and broken into five separate elements, the 01776 was commissioned by National Development and specially designed by Rogers to pay homage to Sudbury’s unique zip code. Legend has it that that after several influential townsfolk lobbied the Postmaster General, Sudbury’s zip code was specially assigned in recognition of the town’s participation in the Revolutionary War. However, as in the case of many legends, it seems that the truth may be that it was more the product of pure coincidence and random assignment.  In any event, however Sudbury received its distinctive zip code, through either lore or luck, it is truly special to Sudburians and serves as a symbol of patriotism and local pride — a reminder of the past, celebration of the present and hope for the future.

Kathy McMahon, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at National Development, says “We really enjoyed working with Sudbury to bring Meadow Walk from vision to reality, and are thrilled to see this unique piece of public art celebrating Sudbury’s important role in American Revolution history here at Meadow Walk for all to enjoy.”

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